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Despite considerable geopolitical volatility, Thailand’s economy remains well diversified, stable and poised for expansion in 2017.

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New retail legislation, combined with developments in consumer purchasing habits, are set to impact activity in Thailand’s retail sector, particularly the food and drink segment.

What do you think is driving the growing infrastructure gaps throughout emerging and developing economies in Asia?

Already a rising player in global innovation rankings, Thailand is looking to further improve its standing by widening broadband access.

Solid growth in exports, combined with a gradual improvement in domestic demand, has prompted an upward revision of Thailand’s economic outlook by the central bank.

To what extent can the proliferation of private research institutions in Thailand lead to growth in marketable research?


Success has come at a price for Thailand’s tourism industry. With total visitor numbers increasing very rapidly and for many years, infrastructure is under strain. According to the World Bank, bottlenecks are starting to develop in places such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. The situation at the country’s airports is particularly...