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Policymakers in Sri Lanka are looking towards the development of a modern, sustainable agriculture sector to enhance economic growth, increase rural income and boost employment.


Ongoing talks to establish a free trade agreement (FTA) between Sri Lanka and Singapore in 2017 have taken an innovative line with regard to the services category, with trade in digital services singled out for special consideration. Although negotiations are at an early stage, any agreement that does specifically include accommodations for...


Sri Lanka, like many developing markets, sees education as a crucial part of building up the country, and does so by providing free schooling and tertiary education to all citizens. Parents place enormous value on education as well. This joint commitment has helped create an education system that is widely regarded as the best in South Asia,...


What can the government do to address the issue of “brain drain” in the higher education sector?


How will the new undersea cable system provide more connectivity in Sri Lanka?


By what means will independent power producers fulfil the target of generating electricity using only indigenous renewable sources by 2030?