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With sustained double-digit growth in visitor arrivals and burgeoning foreign exchange receipts, tourism is one of the most dynamic and robust sectors of the Sri Lankan economy. The country’s growing reputation is drawing visitors from an increasingly diverse range of markets to its pristine beaches, historical landmarks and adventure-packed...


Further investment in accommodation will be necessary to ensure growing demand from both foreign arrivals and domestic travellers in Sri Lanka is met. In 2015 the country’s hotels saw a 12% year-on-year increase in foreign guest nights to 8.945m, while Sri Lankans spent 1.588m guest nights in tourist hotels.


In what ways is the emergence of online agencies disrupting tour operations?


What impact have falling tea prices and lower output had on the tea industry?


What role can strategic foreign partners play in fulfilling Sri Lanka’s maritime aspirations?


A long-time economic mainstay and the country’s primary employer, the agriculture sector makes up 9% of Sri Lanka’s GDP and is a significant source of foreign exchange. With the exception of rubber, all of the country’s major agricultural exports saw growth between 2010 and 2015. Export earnings increased during the same period, with...