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Following numerous global and regional socio-economic and political developments, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been going through a policy and legislative overhaul. Indeed, the past few months have seen the issuance of new legislation and amendments to Saudi Arabian regulations, including, most notably, the Companies Regulations and...


What economic contribution do you expect tourism to play in the Kingdom’s future, and what employment opportunities do you envisage?


Saudi Arabia takes third place in the global list of countries ranked by ease of paying taxes, a remarkable achievement for a G20 country with a GDP of over $650bn. With the necessary due care and commitment to compliance, businesses can enjoy the advantages of the Kingdom’s tax system.


Given comparatively reduced health budgets, how are sector players allocating their resources in a more cost-efficient manner?


How is the introduction of the “After Umrah” programme likely to impact the contributions of tourism to the Kingdom’s economy?


The rise of online booking platforms has had a major impact on the global travel and tourism industry as use of traditional travel agencies has given way to purchases made through online providers, or online travel agencies (OTAs). Although take-up of internet booking in the MENA region was initially slower than in other, more developed...