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Several international players have recently committed to enhancing their engagement with Saudi Arabia’s ICT sector.

Rising consumer demand and an increased role for the private sector look set to drive expansion and open new doors for investors in Saudi Arabia’s health care industry.

Weaker energy prices and an ambitious reform programme aimed at increasing private sector participation in the economy were key themes of 2016 as Saudi Arabia accelerated efforts to diversify its economy.

Recent changes to the terms and conditions of employment in Saudi Arabia’s civil service are expected to result in major budget savings; however, there are some concerns that the alterations could negatively affect the broader economy.


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Saudi Arabia is a socially conservative country, and interaction between unrelated men and women is prohibited. Businessmen should wait for a woman to offer her hand to shake in a meeting. In all other situations, keep a respectful distance. Handshakes between men are common. Saudis pride themselves on their hospitality, and it is impolite to...