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Chapter | Transport from The Report: Saudi Arabia 2016

Since 2008 the Saudi authorities have invested heavily in transport infrastructure projects as part of efforts to expand and diversify the economy as well as reduce automotive transport for both passengers and cargo. Ports have been built, airports expanded and upgraded, and railway and metro projects initiated – and in some cases already completed. Tens of billions of dollars have already...

2016 witnessed the launch of the Kingdom’s historic Vision 2030 and the accompanying National Transformation Programme, both of which call for a major overhaul of the state’s economic apparatus and envision a more open market framework and more dynamic, private sector-led growth moving ahead.

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The government is stepping up investment in transport infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, fast-tracking key projects and creating new opportunities for service providers.  


Despite lower government spending, transport infrastructure projects are set to continue in the Kingdom, with increasing opportunities for private sector involvement, whether through privatisation, private contracts or public-private partnerships (PPPs).


Saudi Arabia has a landmass of more than 2m sq km, making it the largest country in the Middle East. With a population of 31m and industries and urban centres scattered across the coastline and interior, it has a strong need for an integrated transport infrastructure network with connecting logistics. However, the Kingdom’s geography and...

In recent years Saudi Arabia has been on a drive to grow its network of ports, as part of what has become a period of transformation for the Kingdom’s port infrastructure. One of the main targets under the national development strategy, Vision 2030, is to replace oil exports with other, mainly petrochemicals, exports, requiring a substantial increase of seaport and logistical...


To what extent has privatisation played a role in the development of port operations ?


In what ways can Saudi Arabia become more competitive as a trading and shipping centre?