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What prompted the recent acquisition of Banif Bank in Malta and does this signify a new strategy of diversification into financial services?

Stability and consolidation were Qatar’s watchwords in 2016, as the government continued to make long-term investments in national infrastructure at a time of restricted economic growth in the region.

A range of new visa measures recently announced by the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) have been widely welcomed by tourism industry professionals, as well as the country’s hospitality and retail operators.

Supply in Qatar’s commercial real estate market is predicted to more than double in the coming years.

While the banking and financial services sector in Qatar continues to be a significant source of growth in the country, recently released figures for the first half of the year suggest a mixed picture for industry earnings.


Joint ventures (JVs) are a common corporate structure chosen by contractors in Qatar. Two companies interested in pursuing a project together often form a JV to increase their chances of being awarded the contract and to share the cost and risk of performing it. The JV structure provides companies with the opportunity to bid for projects they...