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The entrance of a new operator in Myanmar’s telecoms sector has brought a wave of new investment and heightened competition to an already crowded market, promising expanded service options and lower pricing for consumers.

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The government’s effort to update and streamline its foreign and domestic investment laws has finally been achieved with the enactment of the Myanmar Investment Law (MIL) in October 2016. Apart from extending automatic investment protections to citizen and foreign investments, which cover a range of asset classes including shares and property, the MIL also introduces a new regulatory mechanism...

A series of exhilarating changes took place in Myanmar in 2016, from the installation of a new democratic government in April 2016 with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi at the helm to the lifting of two decades of economic and financial sanctions by the US. Changes are not just taking place in the political sphere. The legal landscape is also keeping pace, with game-changing legal reforms promulgated in...


What current projects are being considered to bolster rural electrification efforts in Myanmar for the coming years?


What steps can the insurance industry take to improve penetration and density levels?