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Myanmar today is a country undergoing rapid change, and there is a solid determination among its people and leaders alike to help their country establish an important place at the global political and economic table.

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Higher state spending and moves to liberalise investment laws should further boost foreign investment in Myanmar’s health care sector, as the country pushes to implement its first development plan for the industry.

A combination of market reform and a rebound in foreign investment is expected to underpin stronger growth in Myanmar’s economy this year and into 2018.

What sectors of the Myanmar economy are Japanese investors most interested in?

Investment in off-grid solutions is increasing in Myanmar, as the country seeks to boost connectivity and move towards providing universal access to electricity within 15 years.

Faced with weak investment inflows and growth rates well behind that of GDP, Myanmar’s agriculture industry is being targeted by the government and international agencies for an overhaul aimed at lifting productivity and returns.

Reforms to legislation governing investment in Myanmar, including streamlined procedures and strengthened investor rights, aim to reverse a downward trend in foreign direct investment seen in the previous fiscal year.