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Can the target of the digital economy accounting for 5% of Colombia’s GDP be met by 2018?


With rising numbers of internet users and improved access to telecoms services across the country, Colombian consumers are turning to e-commerce as an easy option for shopping.


What role does the private sector play in furthering research and development (R&D)?


With the agriculture sector seeking ways to boost production and increase output, many eyes are on Colombia’s fruit sector, which has the potential to deliver big returns to the industry. In Latin American, Colombia is the country with the third-largest area of planted land for only fruits and vegetables at 921,000 ha, after Brazil and Mexico...


What is Colombia’s strategy in terms of boosting fruit and vegetable exports?


Poised to grow at an exponential rate in the following years, Colombia’s agriculture sector will be the first to see the benefits of the signing of a historic peace agreement between the government and FARC, a guerilla group that has waged armed conflict in the country for more than half a century. Land, affected by inequality in both...