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Despite Colombia’s extensive natural beauty and bustling cities, its tourism industry has traditionally underperformed relative to its actual potential. Much of the sector’s performance was previously tied to the security situation and the government’s long-running conflict with the armed militant group FARC. In recent years the security...


These have not been easy times for Colombia’s telecoms industry. Accustomed to growth averaging an annual rate of 7% over the past 15 years, the sector registered a 2% decrease in 2015.


As Colombia’s government implements various measures to help drive the acceleration of development across all economic sectors, education remains an important area of policy execution.


What are the main challenges and opportunities facing the development of the tourism sector?


The rapid development experienced by the Colombian economy has been matched by the progressive adoption of IT by firms and end users.


Can the target of the digital economy accounting for 5% of Colombia’s GDP be met by 2018?