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Chapter | Telecoms from The Report: Bahrain 2012

A decade has passed since Bahrain’s telecoms sector was revolutionised by the liberalisation of the industry and the formation of an independent regulator. Fixed and mobile telephony and broadband services reach nearly every household, and many mobile users maintain multiple SIM cards, giving a mobile penetration rate well over 100%. Within such a highly competitive sector, telecoms companies are...

Bahrain has weathered the effects of a difficult global economic period well, and its recovery has been solid, demonstrating the strength and flexibility of its economy. The government’s drive to diversify away from oil and gas dependence has been renewed, and a wealth of ambitious non-oil sector projects – from infrastructure to renewable energy technology – is now in the pipeline.

The Kingdom’s telecommunications sector is looking to boost revenues this year as competition intensifies between service providers. Bahrain’s telecommunications market provides a strong base for the nation’s three firms, but fierce competition is driving efforts to increase value and enhance services.