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Bahrain has embarked on a reworking of its subsidy framework in a bid to ease the budgetary pressures associated with the fall in oil prices. Meanwhile, the government is also pushing forward with diversification efforts, with the kingdom’s $32bn investment strategy fuelling activity in various areas of the economy. 

Regulators are encouraging mergers and acquisitions in Bahrain’s Islamic banking industry in a bid to cement the country’s position as one of the world’s leading sharia-compliant financial centres.

Early indicators suggest that investor sentiment in Bahrain has been largely unaffected by a recent credit rating downgrade from Standard & Poor’s (S&P).


The large amount of business ceded by Gulf insurers to domestic, regional and global reinsurers has, for many years, been a hot topic in the sector. The downside risks of this market characteristic are frequently rehearsed at industry conferences and regulatory seminars: Middle Eastern insurers, it is argued, have grown accustomed to the easy...


The kingdom’s reputation as an Islamic finance centre rests not only on its long history of successfully regulating its diverse sharia-compliant industry, but also its willingness to revisit its rules as needed. Fittingly, the need for continued reform of the sector was a central theme of the 21st Annual World Islamic Banking Conference, held...


How would you judge the position of women in Bahrain, considering the central bank’s emphasis on women in finance in 2015?