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Chapter | The Guide from The Report: Bahrain 2017

The guide contains listings of some of the leading hotels and resorts in Bahrain and contacts for important government offices and services. It also contains useful tips and information for first-time or regular and business and leisure visitors alike.

Chapter | Economy from The Report: Bahrain 2017

The kingdom of Bahrain has thrived as one of the Gulf’s financial centres for decades. Despite increasing competition from emerging financial centres in the region, its advanced regulatory framework, educated workforce and relatively low-cost environment means that it remains an attractive platform for companies engaging with the wider GCC and beyond. The recent decline in oil prices, however...

Chapter | Country Profile from The Report: Bahrain 2017

The kingdom of Bahrain has been ruled as a constitutional monarchy since 2002 under the leadership of Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. The country pioneered the Middle East’s oil production in 1932, thus establishing the region’s initial framework for the petroleum industry. The energy sector remains a pillar of the kingdom’s economy, accounting for the bulk of government revenues but a...

Bahrain has embarked on a reworking of its subsidy framework in a bid to ease the budgetary pressures associated with the fall in oil prices. Meanwhile, the government is also pushing forward with diversification efforts, with the kingdom’s $32bn investment strategy fuelling activity in various areas of the economy. 


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Articles & Analysis | Useful tips for new arrivals from The Report: Bahrain 2017


NATIONAL CHARACTER: While Bahrainis are interested in and open to foreign cultures, they are also very proud of their own identity, history and culture, and they are willing to share their local customs and traditions with those who are keen to learn.