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The past two years have seen the Tunisian economy follow a gentle upward trajectory – one that falls short of the pace of expansion needed to reduce poverty and improve the revenue base, but that nonetheless exhibits a marked improvement over previous years.

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Le secteur agricole tunisien a fait mentir les pronostics la saison dernière en dégageant un profit accru malgré une baisse des volumes d'échanges, porté par la hausse des prix de certains de ses produits phares sur les marchés internationaux.

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ETIQUETTE: The Western-style handshake is standard practice in business environments. However, it may happen that a woman does not offer a handshake, in which case the man should not extend his hand. Similarly, while close friends and relatives often greet each other with a kiss on both cheeks, some...


The early stages of the democratic transition of power – the first in the Arab world after the Arab Spring, which took root in Tunisia – were difficult, and Tunisia went through great political challenges. Adoption of a new constitution in 2014 by a very large majority, confirmed Tunisia’s attachment to equality between men and women. This has...