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Report | The Report: Mongolia 2015

Given the significant foreign direct investment needed to achieve its development goals, Mongolia has strong motivation to improve its attractiveness to investors. The government is therefore adjusting its policies, while new laws are expected to gradually reinvigorate foreign investment flows.

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Economic update | Mongolia awaits economic rebound in 2016

27 Jul 2015

The current drive in Mongolia to promote growth and foreign investment appears likely to yield results, as a key breakthrough in a long-running dispute over the expansion of a mine will help act as a stimulus for a 10-year, $1bn sovereign issue in the coming months.

Economic update | Mongolia’s tourism industry poised for growth

15 Jun 2015

An improving investment climate, supported by a raft of transport infrastructure upgrades, should help to boost Mongolia’s tourism sector this year, with the upper end of the market set to enjoy above-average growth.

Economic update | Mongolian coking coal may heat up

29 May 2015

A shift by Chinese buyers away from foreign suppliers to Mongolian coking coal, combined with increased optimism over a return of foreign investors, may offset the sharp global downturn in both demand for commodities and in coal prices, though it will be some time before the effects of any rebound are felt in the industry.

Interviews & Viewpoints | D. Bolormaa, Former CEO, Bodi Insurance from The Report: Mongolia 2015


How has compulsory insurance increased awareness of products amongst the general population? What more can be done to raise awareness?

Articles & Analysis | Listings of good hotels in Mongolia and their amenities from The Report: Mongolia 2015


East Cross Road, Peace Avenue Bayanzurkh district, Ulaanbaatar
T: (+976) 1146 3463
F: (+976) 114 63464

Rooms: 27 superior rooms, 66 deluxe rooms, 4 junior suites, 4 executive suites and a presidential suite.

Business & Conference:...

Articles & Analysis | Visitors may best find the authentic Mongolia in the country's vast rural expanses from The Report: Mongolia 2015

Despite increasingly cosmopolitan dining, nightlife and shopping scenes in the county’s capital Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s real draw lies in its countryside. With its rolling grasslands, crystal-clear lakes, weathered peaks, authentic nomadic lifestyle and roaming herds of sheep, goats, horses and other four-legged creatures, even the most jaded of urbanites will find it...