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Report | The Report: Mongolia 2014

Since the country’s transition from communism two decades ago, the Mongolian economy has experienced rapid liberalisation. Sectors including ICT and insurance are expanding quickly and, while the mining sector has been responsible for making Mongolia a rising star in the global economy, there is great potential for further growth in all economic sectors. 

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Economic update | Mongolia seeks to bridge power deficit

27 Mar 2015

Despite abundant energy resources, Mongolia is struggling to meet its growing demand for electricity, increasingly relying on imports until long-term projects to develop new generation capacity are completed. 

Economic update | Tight times for Mongolia’s retail sector

25 Feb 2015

A cooling economy, persistently high inflation and tighter credit regulations will maintain pressure on Mongolia’s retail sector throughout 2015, though demand for shop space in certain segments remains strong. 

Economic update | Mongolia Year in Review 2014

26 Jan 2015

Falling mineral prices and a tapering of foreign investment resulted in slower economic growth in Mongolia in 2014. 

Economic update | Mongolia banks under pressure

23 Dec 2014

Banks in Mongolia are facing weaker profits this year as one of Asia's fastest growing economies cools, triggering a downpour of higher borrowing costs and an increase in non-performing loans, while credit rating agencies are watching the banks' vulnerability to China's continued economic slowdown.

Economic update | Mongolian insurance sector set to consolidate

26 Nov 2014

The insurance sector in Mongolia is heading for consolidation with higher capital requirements likely to squeeze out smaller operators in a crowded market. However larger firms can look forward to solid growth prospects as penetration rates remain low and product awareness is on the rise.

Economic update | Mongolia's dairy sector offers opportunity

6 Nov 2014

Strong demand at home and abroad could prompt higher investment in Mongolia’s dairy industry as the country strives to return to self-sufficiency in milk, as well as capitalise on export potential in the region.