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A new trade policy looks set to shift Papua New Guinea’s focus towards the development of bilateral ties and away from multinational agreements as part of broader efforts to create a more balanced trading environment.

Las start-ups o empresas emergentes especializadas en tecnología digital están fortaleciendo su presencia en el sector financiero colombiano, una tendencia que podría ayudar al crecimiento del PIB en casi un punto porcentual en los próximos años.

Des financements préliminaires et les premiers forages ont démarré pour un certain nombre de projets géothermiques destinés à aider Djibouti à améliorer sa sécurité énergétique et à remplir ses objectifs en matière d’émissions de CO2.

Several new projects will expand Bahrain’s power generation capacity, as the kingdom aims to meet rising demand from both residential and industrial consumers.

Articles & Analysis | PNG investing to showcase tourism appeal from The Report: Papua New Guinea 2017


As one of the world’s most culturally diverse nations, Papua New Guinea offers visitors the chance to experience a country with unique appeal. Surrounded by coral reefs and volcanic islands, the natural beauty of PNG has seen the country gain international recognition as an increasingly popular tourist destination.


Papua New Guinea’s ability to handle greater volumes of data consumption is set to drastically increase as it expands its fibre backbone. Throughout 2016 and 2017 a number of strategic partnerships were struck to assist with the evolution of PNG’s technological architecture. Perhaps the most significant move as far as public commitment is...