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Nigeria is moving forward with strategies to improve the business and investment environment in the country following the launch of a new package of reforms designed to support small businesses and clear hurdles to growth.

Initiatives to extend finance to students at university and expand access to ICT are helping to strengthen Tanzania’s education system.

As part of the New Kuwait 2035 development strategy unveiled in January, cost-cutting measures have begun to take hold in the health sector.

Deux projets visant à renforcer les ressources en eau de Djibouti participeront au développement de secteurs clés, tout en répondant aux besoins immédiats de la population locale.

A more diverse product offering and a broadening of the destination base are at the centre of a new campaign to attract investment to Indonesia’s rapidly growing tourism sector.

A national drive to boost support for Jordan’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is gaining pace, spearheaded by increased access to finance and plans to garner a more business-friendly operating environment.