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Thoughts and Insights on the yellow slice of the pie

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Next Frontier: OBG Editors' Blog
Thoughts and Insights on the yellow slice of the pie
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Jaime Perez-Seoane de Zunzunegui
13 April 2017

Although economic openness left Mexico more exposed to the global financial crisis than some of its Latin American peers, its economic profile has since allowed it to bounce back as global trade and investment flows recover, and past structural reforms begin to bear fruit.

Oliver Cornock
4 April 2017
OBG Business Barometer

Whilst many economies in the region have seen significant volatility, with major spikes in GDP growth or inflation over the last 10 years, Oman has built a well-deserved reputation for more modest cycles. Broadly, this has stood the Sultanate in good stead: the peaks might not have been as high as some of its neighbours,
but neither have been the lows. It is against this undeniably strained backdrop that Oman’s business leaders are looking for growth, and are, in fact, quite confident about prospects for it over the next 12 months.

Jaime Perez-Seoane de Zunzunegui
4 April 2017
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