Next Frontier: OBG Editors' Blog

Thoughts and Insights on the yellow slice of the pie

Next Frontier: OBG Editors Blog | Emerging Markets Economics Blog

Next Frontier: OBG Editors' Blog
Thoughts and Insights on the yellow slice of the pie
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The Unexpected Asian Tiger: Philippine CEOs Overwhelmingly Positive about 2017
VAT in the Gulf: What Economic Impact Can We Expect?
5 Latin American Economies to Watch in 2017
Great Expectations: CEOs in Indonesia Looking Forward to Improved Business Conditions
ASEAN’s Top 6 Economies to Watch in 2017
The Business Challenges and Expectations of Egypt's CEOs in 2017
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Robert Tashima
20 September 2017
Economic Roundups

Oxford Business Group’s Africa research comes in several different forms, from business confidence surveys and face-to-face interviews, to monthly sector updates and annual country analyses.

Patrick Cooke
11 September 2017
Economic Snapshots

Oliver Cornock
6 September 2017

On Monday's (04/09/17) newspaper review with BBC World News, OBG Editor-in-Chief Oliver Cornock discussed reactions to North Korea’s nuclear tests, the alleged discrimination of the Rohingya population in Myanmar, China’s plea for a freer global market at the recently concluded BRICS summit, Brexit and more