Algeria Agriculture 2012
On the back of significant growth over the last decade, Algeria continues to witness an increase in local agricultural production owing to efforts to modernise the sector and boost investment. Growth in the sector rose from 8.5% in 2010 to 10.6% in 2011 and there are encouraging signs that increased support from the government will aid development. By virtue of the 2010-14 Public Investment Programme, a total of AD1trn (€9.9bn) will be allocated to raise local production and guarantee food security, specifically to boost output of key crops, develop rural land, and strengthen human resources and technical support. While the country is still dependent on imports to ensure food-sufficiency, the government is committed to plans to intensify production and reduce the food import bill. This chapter contains interviews with Rachid Benaissa, Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development; and Mohamed Laid Benamor, General Manager, Amor Benamor.